All Minnesotans deserve access to affordable, quality health care.

  • Expand MinnesotaCare to everyone — letting Minnesotans take advantage of affordable, high-quality care that is currently unavailable in the private market (HF 92)

  • Implement discounts that go directly to consumers instead of giving handouts to the insurance companies (HF 2949)

  • Repeal for-Profit HMOs that are exploding the cost of care in Minnesota (HF 2839)

  • Require non-profit HMO dollars to actually go to non-profit purposes instead of funneling them to for-profit institutions (HF 2931)

  • Ensure that women have the right to make their own health decisions without interference from their boss or politicians (HF 3453)

  • Empower our Attorney General to sue price-gouging drug companies (HF 3131)